#FeelinTheBern – ImFeelinBetrayed

First blog post ever. I am a passionate person.I hope I don’t  break the Internet! Keep your fingers crossed!😡😡😡 #ImFeelinTheBern! Are you? Poor Bernie Sanders and America. 😀 America needs Change!!! The current political system clearly hasnt been working for the overwhelming majority of Americans because their voice is never heard. We are now faced with a difficult choice. Hillary or Trump? Both of whom, in my estimation are “fake as expletive”, change their ideals and stances constantly, and stand for nothing but $$$, and whatever or whoever will give it to them. Post Citizens United, politics at its finest!! I wouldn’t invite either of them to my house for dinner because I don’t trust them. Let alone think either is ready to be the leader of our great country, one that already feels is on a fiery death coaster of destruction. Today was a sad day! Bernie Sanders started a progressive movement, bigger than one, that got an African American man elected… twice! (Which as a child I didn’t think I would even see in my lifetime if I’m keeping it real, and that was only 25-30 years ago). I am about as liberal as it gets on almost every issue, but today the Democratic Party has lost my trust and support. For over a year certain devious people have shown nothing but Clinton and Trump on every major news network. They tried their new game plan on the public and it worked. They did a force like in card magic, where by illusion you pick what I want you to pick. Despite Media blackouts in most cases Bernie Sanders wasn’t on TV, or Radio, or in newspapers and what little coverage he did receive was generally negative labeling him as a Socialist or the handout king hippie. Even after proof surfaced of the DNC plot, to undermine Bernie’s entire campaign with essentially voter fraud, party and media manipulation and coercion, and other shady practices I don’t even want to know about, after all of that, today, the delegates of the Democratic Party had a chance to fix their embarrassing, cheating, dubious tactics and mistakes, the same way so many athletes have the opportunity to do so with PEDs, but like Lance Armstrong they sadly did not! A party supposedly, “for the people” and “for all Americans” have now ignored the voice of what seems like the overwhelming majority of its voters.Take West Virginia for example; Bernie Sanders, during the primary won every single county of that fine state, but out of 37 delegates to be awarded 19 delegates went to Clinton with only 18 going to Sanders???! How does that work? He won EVERY county in the state! How does that make them feel? Smh! The DNC had their own agenda and candidate all along. They have made this impossible for Bernie Sanders every step of the way! He has overcame almost insurmountable odds! He made up over 40pts from where he started at behind Clinton, generated money at a record pace with record amounts of contributions(without a Super-Pac), basically through Facebook, social media, and the few television shows cool enough to have him on(Bill Maher) and a brief period of spotlight during the debates. For all that you have done I want to Thank you Bernie Sanders. I Can finally see what we are capable of when we are united! You wouldn’t see it by watching the news,because they don’t want us to see it, but I have now seen the movement! I’ve seen the crowds, I’ve seen the records, I seen the great American spirit, and compassion, and soul, that has made us America! Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave!!! I seen Bernie get more applause with more support at the DNC, than the candidate receiving the nomination. I have seen him wake up a nation to corruption, inequality and the inefficiency of our current government. I have seen him constantly be on the right side of important issues like civil rights and equality for all. A track record that is documented since he first was elected to public office. I have seen a leader capable of changing America for the better! Not once did I see a man interested in keeping the same capitalist circle benefiting only the top 1% and virtually no one else, that has spilled over and taken control of politics and how decisions are made in this country. How our entire democracy has been decimated from corporate interests and greed. That was one of the keystones to the platform for which he ran. The DNC rigged this nomination process to no end, from the beginning for HRC, but she will not win without Bernie supporters. Guess it’s time for her to flip flop stances like Trump, or to also pander to Bernie supporters. You know? what she notoriously does to minorities? well basically, what she does to everyone  around her at a given time. Fake people exhibit this behavior regularly. I feel that this country is in sad shape moving forward! I also feel years from now we will look back at Bernie Sanders as the godfather of modern politics. The pioneer who first stood up to the corporate establishment oligarchy. Well I can only hope we can continue what he has started. We must make our own path. Bernie Sanders has shown us the way. Time to start marching.  I guess at least Hillary isn’t a infant handed, racist, sexist, creepy, douche wipe of an orange haired-nazi child/ gremlin reality freakshow who is hell bent on dividing America through race, religion, ethnicity, and discrimination. I don’t like where my thoughts are taking me tonight so I will end it here. The purge plot- line seems more realistic everyday that democracy is allowed to continue like this!


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