Liberal at a Trump Rally… A must read for everyone!!! 

With one of the most important Presidential races in my lifetime unfolding, I have been diligently following all of the candidates to fully take part in the democratic process, and I encourage anyone who reads this to do the same.  You don’t have to stay locked in to a political party for life.  You can vote for whomever best represents you.  As with any election, we cannot take just some of what we like from these candidates, so I encourage you to think long and hard before voting.  If you like some aspects of a candidate or party’s platform, you sadly must accept all of their stances once your vote is counted.  In the interest of fairness (something missing in how our information is currently distributed) and making an informed vote, I wanted to post something more informative than opinionated which is what led me to a Donald Trump rally.

In case you missed it, Donald Trump recently held a Harrisburg rally.  The rally wasn’t really in Harrisburg, though.  Trump chose Mechanicsburg, PA at Cumberland Valley High School, one of the whitest demographic areas and schools in Central Pennsylvania, accessible by major roadways, as the location of his rally, which I don’t find a coincidence.  Aside from the predominately white crowd cheering for protesters being removed and chants of ‘build that wall,’ it was surprisingly not as unruly as I expected or as reported, but I do think it is worth noting that the location and the massive amount of fully armed security, police, and secret service (all of whom did a fantastic job) extinguished the level of friction I am normally accustomed to seeing on TV surrounding his rallies.

I thought that Donald Trump’s analysis of Bernie Sanders’ struggles in the Democratic Primary and the DNC’s apparent rigging and cover up for Hillary’s nomination was astute. He also cited Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the former head of the DNC, being fired or resigning for her role in the apparent Democratic candidate primary rigging conspiracy and then being instantly hired by the Clinton campaign as unethical and very poor taste of character, both of which I would fully agree with.

Along with Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump has helped proliferate a movement in American politics that has invigorated the masses, who are sick of a business as usual government that does not reflect their views.

Donald Trump directly opposes TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership which could be the worst thing President Obama might do, at any point in his presidency. As Donald pointed out it is a 5000 page agreement between 12 countries to promote economic growth amongst nations, but is littered with secret language that would be disastrous for America, It would lead to many cheaper services and products for the American people, but come at the expense at the loss of many American’s jobs. It is similar to NAFTA, but with much more shady language and littered with things that shouldn’t seemingly pertain to this type of trade agreement(such as right of privacy, internet censorship, food safety, and numerous loopholes and benefits to corporations operating outside of America that I don’t even have time to list) but this whole agreement has mostly come in secrecy. Trump said that many of the  other countries have particular language in this  deal on their behalf benefitting them in certain ways that America does not. He wants to negotiate a deal with each of the 12 countries, individually, if we must go through with this awful trade deal(hopefully not), and create language that would be more beneficial to America, and I am going to have to say that I believe him. I think his expertise in trade, worldwide business practices, and currency devaluation  would be extremely beneficial to American workers more so than not.

Despite all of the bad things you hear about Donald Trump, I can tell you that he is a great speaker.  It is uncommon to hear from someone in the political arena actually fully believe what they are saying.  He is a better hype man for himself than Flavor  Flav or Don King ever dreamed of being.  He fully believes whatever he says mostly because it is based on passion and convictions, and that is what his followers have gravitated towards.  He actually believes what he says, no matter how politically incorrect, inaccurate or full of crap as the next one, therefore he sounds believable.

Donald Trump said the lack of manufacturing in this area and the scenery that still remains of it this day, looked like a war zone. He promised he would bring back those types of jobs to this area and he wouldn’t let companies pack up and move shop to Mexico or abroad like they have. He also spent a good deal of time pandering to this areas all but forgotten coal mining community, which btw decimates nature, mountains, the water, the air, Centralia, etc. He sounded as if he was a spokesperson for coal and natural gas!

Donald Trump’s views on issues pertaining to the environment vary greatly from my own, mostly because he is batshit crazy and would set us back decades on cleaning up the planet.  He calls Green Energy an expensive way for Treehuggers to feel good about themselves.  He wants to completely eliminate the EPA, or as he calls it the DEP.  That’s right, Trump wants to abolish the one government agency, which is already underfunded, undermanned, and hushed by lobbyists and politicians alike, tasked with the impossible task of regulating and keeping corporations from destroying nature and our planet for future generations.  He wants to drastically rollback or eliminate many regulations, already in place to safeguard us and make sure we are moving towards cleaner emissions and waste.  He is also for no cap and tax on oil, more nuclear energy and fast, more fracking, more coal, and less renewable clean energy.  Basically, he will reopen the door to dirty air and unsafe drinking water (which sadly is still a real problem even for Americans!) that has taken almost forty years to slightly shut!!!  Trump has, numerous times in the past, said that climate change is a hoax, and as recently as the rally, said that solar energy doesn’t work and is too expensive.  He later clarified that it might not be bad in twenty years, but the science behind it is far from perfected.  Trump went on to bash clean wind energy, saying it produces ugly giant monstrosities along waterways and went on to cite the danger to bird populations that could be killed by wind turbines as a slight to energy provided by wind. It is actually disgusting that he would cite the possibility of the decline of certain bird populations but supports coal (and all its dangers to people), other nonrenewable energies, and reopening the Keystone Pipeline.  I feel, from Donald Trump’s speech and attack of clean energy, this issue could be the worst aspect of his entire platform, and as sad as it is, it’s easily the most overlooked and potentially dangerous thing he represents, well maybe…..

As one of the world’s greatest Twitter trolls, he isn’t afraid to call anyone out, for anything, for which I do think can be a virtuous and much-needed trait in politics, but his history of drastic measures to keep people or media from expressing their freedom of speech and sometimes negative views towards him, is extremely troublesome.  He bashes the media (except FOX news lol) constantly and has taken it to a point of banning multiple entire outlets and publications from having access to his events.  He has sued countless people and hit countless others with gag orders on topics or events, and generally hid behind his high-priced lawyers in silencing people.  I feel silencing people’s freedom of speech might be the most unfit trait one could have for the position of President of the United States, but in this area Hillary Clinton puts him to shame! (Clinton Body Count lol) =(
In the past I personally, have accused the Donald of prying at people’s fears instead of using policies and solutions to secure votes, to which I feel is not democracy; but extortion. That wasn’t necessarily the feeling I got from the Rally or from his actual words…. the rest of the venue and crowd I cannot say the same about. Many feel Donald Trump is running a campaign based of bigotry, racism, and even hatred which violate some of the core founding principles of America, such as freedom to escape religious persecution.

“We are going to beat Isis” was followed by an eruption of cheer and applause, but during this entire rally, for the first time ever, I think both calculated and strategically, due to recent controversy, he didn’t mention the words Muslim or Islam once. He talked about supporting our troops and our veterans, but didn’t bother to issue an apology to the “Khans”, in one of his first public speaking appearances after insulting the Gold Star family, who were extremely critical of Donald Trump’s view and stance on their religion as it pertained to them as Americans and the sacrifices their Muslim family has made to uphold our American ideologies.

His CEO  mind-frame, high expectations and someone who motivates by result driven demands could be a useful attribute from a leader trying to create American jobs through radical trade regulations and policies, that would of course, need to be approved by a sometimes stale and meddling congress. How many feathers will he ruffle on the way due to his unapologetic  and flamboyant nature, is a valid question. The Koch brothers (who have hardly funded Donald Trump but fund virtually every other republican politician) won’t let him accomplish many radical things in congress much the same way Barrack Obama was repeatedly road-blocked, and unlike reality tv or his business, the people he will oversee reliant on making the changes he wants to “Make America Great Again” cannot simply be fired or replaced when there is a disagreement.

Although I am still unsure on how to cast my vote in the upcoming election, one thing I am certain of, my vote will not  be casted in favor of Donald Trump. The irreversible social and environmental ramifications of his stances far outweigh any political or economical advantages he will gain for us as a country in being elected. While he does have some plausible and reasonable solutions to certain major issues, the radicalism and feeling of division, he inspires and almost openly promotes within his following, is something I cannot in good conscience support. That being said, I cannot support Hillary Clinton either. I do support Gary Johnson and admire some of the personal feats he has accomplished and drastically radical views for a politician that almost make me admire him as a potential leader, but his credentials(as a Governor) and the general party for which he represents are far more troubling than as advertised upon further inspection.

 I hope I have made you think, and inspired you to do more research on whomever you may be voting for this election cycle. I am always available for comment, appreciate your feedback and would love your opinion on how to base my upcoming decision. Happy Voting!!!! =)


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