Earth-What if it is too late? 

This post is not another meaningless objectionable opinion! I felt it was time to write about something that everyone can relate to. I chose Earth. What if I told you the environment, climate change, and the damage we are causing to our planet, is FAR worse, and more reprehensible than you have been led to believe? Our world and future is in grave peril. Nature is going to shit all around you. Have you even noticed? What if it’s too late to do ANYTHING? What if it ISN’T? Will you change any aspect of your life to HELP?  This blog isn’t my opinion for once, but more a factual wake-up call!!! It’s time for you to care. Preserving what’s left of nature is the most important issue that we ALL face together. LIFE depends on it! My previous blogs weren’t meaningful to everyone, especially if you aren’t interested in politics. I wanted to change that! I just hope my words will not fall on deaf ears.

I didn’t write this to upset anyone or spark any kind of debate. I purposely omitted anything relatively subjective, so this can be taken as truth and therefore be indisputable. Change cannot happen without belief!!!  We need to first believe that we are destroying the planet, and then we need to believe that we can fix it! You might be unaware of the serious environmental issues and  negative impact we are having on nature because it’s often silenced.  Basic necessities of life, such as clean air and water, are a major health concern for millions of American people and well over a billion people worldwide. We can no longer pretend everything is okay or that it will magically fix itself.  It is time to take ACTION!

Dirty water poses the biggest health risk to life on this planet. More than 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. Our water is polluted with toxins, chemicals, waste, bacteria, disease-carrying organisms, etc. Clean water has now become a commodity, which means it has now become an economic and political issue, susceptible to corruption. In America, our Federal, State, and Local governments have failed us miserably.  They are failing to provide us with clean water, as well as regulations and efforts to further stop contamination and preserve our water sources. Oil spills and other contaminations from fracking, coal ash, waste dumps, nuclear meltdowns, shipping accidents, and basic neglect are routinely covered up, or the public health risk is hidden or downplayed until the consequences become obvious.

Our children are being poisoned. We are being put in direct harm and then lied to about the extent or seriousness of the problem, and virtually no one is ever held responsible. Mercury, lead, arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, chromium, dioxins, dacthal,  and countless other dangerous materials could potentially be found in your drinking water right now if tested. We cannot allow this to happen ANYMORE!

Look at Flint, Michigan. A series of disastrous decisions motivated by greed, corruption, and money caused a widespread conspiracy that forced an entire city to be exposed to unsafe and downright toxic water. Thousands of children are affected with lead poisoning, Legionnaires disease and carcinogenic byproducts of chlorine called THMs.  Sadly, there is a decent chance this might be happening in a neighborhood near you! Worldwide, this problem is far more prevalent. Other countries simply don’t care about the health of their citizens.

In overpopulated areas of China, India, and other countries, water is a severe health hazard to even come in physical contact with, let alone drink. People are dying from Cholera, Dysentery, Hepatitis, Malaria, Typhoid Fever, and other 1800s Oregon Trail killers, simply from not having access to clean water. Millions of people are literally dying from thirst!

Did you know people in China check the air pollution levels before grabbing their masks and leaving their homes, much in the same manner you or I would check the weather and grab an umbrella? Schools are cancelled, business stops, Beijing is a ghost city at times because pollution is so bad people are literally forced to stay indoors. The layer of smog is so dense in parts of China, you can stare directly at the sun, and it poses no threat to your retina. Being outside for an extended period of time has the health equivalency of smoking 40 cigarettes a day. It’s not a topic China likes to brag about, but it is a problem the rest of the world cannot afford to continue to ignore.

The global effects of burning fossil fuels are becoming evident. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, it’s not up for debate that the past 15 months are the hottest months ever recorded in 137 years of recorded temperatures. The ocean is heating up, and water levels are rising as polar ice melts. None of that is debatable. You can live under a rock if you choose to and fail to believe that we are causing these changes, but I feel no one can ignore poor air quality. You can’t argue that outside of natural disasters, we alone as a species are to blame. Its effects can be felt and seen in every single industrialized country.  It is also no coincidence, the areas with the worst air pollution worldwide are the areas that burn the most coal! China alone accounts for roughly 50% of the world’s coal consumption, and it shows in their air quality.  Millions die worldwide every year from illness directly related to air pollution. Air pollution has been shown to cause asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, cancer, heart problems, birth defects, convulsions, coma, and even death! Forty percent of all energy produced in America is derived from coal. If you know me at all, you know I care deeply about clean energy. It is time that you do as well. Forty percent is exponentially too high for us as a civilized advanced industrial society. We have to invest in clean, renewable energies to reduce our carbon footprint, or we will no longer have fresh air to breathe. We might have to BUY all of our clean air and water in the not too distant future. That FACT scares the crap out of me. Most people can’t afford to live now, without having to purchase basic elements of sustaining life such as air or water.

Manufacturing for consumption has created a vicious cycle of waste and destruction around the world. Waste is a problem we can’t continue to ignore. Look around you. Trash is everywhere. There is an island of plastic and trash the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean. Landfills do exactly that, fill land. People simply don’t care enough about RECYCLING. We are obliterating massive amounts of nature in every country on Earth. Chemicals, plastic, and junk will remain long after humans cease to exist! No one seems to have any solutions or plans on how to clean up the Earth we are destroying, let alone a sense of urgency. Thirty percent of mammals are now endangered (expected to rise to 50% in the next 30 years). Humans have destroyed 10% of the Earth’s wildlife in the past twenty years alone. Whether you believe in evolution or you don’t, it doesn’t really matter. We are destroying habitats and forcing animals to relocate and adjust at a rate that species’ natural adaptability simply  cannot keep up with. We are wiping SPECIES off the face of the Earth… FOREVER.

When events like Valdez, BP, Fukushima, and Chevron occur, the clean up efforts that ensue are pathetic. These “accidents” will take the environment millions of years to  repair itself from, and yet they get half-hearted clean up attempts?  “Accidents” becoming more frequent and disastrous, routinely get nothing more than a half ass clean up and apology. Efforts still continue on cleaning up the Valdez Oil spill in Alaska, which occurred 27 years ago! Hundreds of thousands of birds, thousands of otters, seals, orcas, whales, and UNKNOWN amounts of fish died as a result of that spill alone. To this day, a 450 mile wide area on the Prince William Sound is still cloaked with oil, and still killing animals and nature alike.

In 2010, an explosion on BP’s Deepwater Horizon caused an oil well to leak for months. Two hundred and five million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Hundreds of tons of methane, and millions of gallons of dangerous dispersants (to break the oil into smaller pieces) also infected the Gulf. Only about 25 percent has been cleaned up so far. So… 150 million gallons of oil still remain in the Gulf. We can’t even begin to understand what effect it has had on nature yet, but it has already been catastrophic for several species and almost an entire coastline.

Hopefully, if you have made it this far, you have asked yourself, “but what can I do to help Andrew?” You have been patiently waiting for me to reveal the good news and to tell you my plan, something like we all need to try harder, you should recycle more or use less. Get involved more by cleaning up your local community. Sure all of that would help…locally, but what about the rest of the world and nature that we are destroying that have no voice?

Unfortunately, the solution to these problems is not something you or I can change alone, but something ALL people must commit to changing together. We need to get loud enough to be HEARD. Most of our pollution problems stem from our existing infrastructure. It would take a historic and massive overhaul of everything to get to where we need to be. Fossil fuel companies have woven themselves into the fabric of our entire political process to stop that change from ever happening. There simply is little monetary incentive to clean the environment or do the right thing under our current infrastructure and laws. Trillions are spent worldwide on creating tools of death. Perhaps, we could use some of that money for innovation and solutions to fix our planet before we all perish as a result of our actions. Massive coordinated global efforts to reduce waste and dangerous pollutants, eliminate fossil fuels and force industries to move towards completely clean and renewable energies could be a start. Holding companies financially responsible for their actions and overseeing cleanups in a quick and efficient matter could help. A race for clean technologies and fuel, similar to the “Race to Space”, wouldn’t hurt. Currently the only people that could accomplish these things are the people we elect. I follow politics closely, especially as it pertains to the environment. If you have followed this election, it’s all walls, Muslims, emails, tax returns, racism, etc.  You have heard almost no mention of any of the problems I have outlined. That is the problem!!! How can we change something we aren’t even talking about? Until we ALL demand that change needs to happen, no one in politics will intercede… ever! They all stand to gain a lot financially, from corporations looking the other way when it comes to the environment. It will be business as usual. Nature steamrolled by money.  If you don’t believe me, ask anyone at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.


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