Donald Trump conspiracy?

Trump conspiracy revealed. 
By Andrew America, ANN
Updated 12:13 PM ET, Sat October 15, 2016

A Top government official in China told reporters at ANN that Donald Trump is part of a massive “top secret” coverup, coordinated by President Obama and Hillary Clinton to allow for the destruction of America, Mexico, and China. The Chinese government has learned that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are  both alien species. Trump, is an Orangutan-Human Hybrid or OHH from the planet EloHssA. Hillary Clinton is not from planet EloHssA. She is from planet NiatStnuC although she has full support of the OHH, Democratic leaders, CNN, and the Beauty Pageant Union, all of whom need the election to lean in favor of HRC. The final step to America being the catalyst for the OHH invasion  revolves around Hillary Clinton winning the election. Once she has won the election, it is the Chinese governments belief, that she will implement laws, passing them as the Syrian Refugee Immigrantion Relief. This will open the American borders to the OHH and provide a portal for world invasion. These Orangutan Hyrbids outnumber the Chinese 1000-1. Trump has made it no secret China is his home planets number one enemy. It will be the end of China if Hillary or Trump is elected.

A top government official from Mexico told the ANN, Donald Trump is the only person that can effectively stop the Hybrid invasion as he is close with top officials from both planets, and this invasion will ultimately destroy China, and possibly devastate Mexico . Donald Trump is a good alien who does not wish to see the destruction of Mexico. He has been working with Mexicos top officials in secret and is actually very fond of Latinos. The actual reason for “The Wall” isnt to protect Americans from Mexicans, but rather to keep Mexico safe from the Alien invaders Hillary will deploy through the American portal. That is why Mexico needed to pay for it (so not to alert the public of his aid to Mexico) Trump shared this information with Mexican officials at a conference with Julian Assange-Wikileaks founder. Assange learned the chilling plots details from a file that he received anonymously. The contents of this file, include deleted emails stolen by Russian hackers from Clintons personal server. These emails suggest Hillary will win with or without the perverted ambassador to earth Donald Trump. Hillary has full support of the OHH leaders to use the invasion army to secure China and Russia and ensure the Hybrid species can finally steal the world from the Humans. What will Trump do? Will China survive? Will humans survive?  Of course all of this is fake and you are now dumber for reading it, but it taught you a valuable lesson. DONT VOTE FOR EITHER OF THESE TWO! THEY ARE ALIENS THAT WILL RUIN THE WORLD!!! Sorry I needed a break from the serious, depressing topics I have been doing. I wanted to make some people laugh.


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