#BernTheSenate There is still HOPE!


#PleaseVote  Picture the Senate as a tree. A tree cannot grow until you shake off all of the dead leaves!!! We have a lot of dead leaves on our tree! I really don’t care who you cast your vote this presidential election cycle, Trump Or Hillary, I am still undecided. Personally, I think they both suck! Either way (and PA VOTERS especially) we need to flip this Senate, shake the tree, and most importantly FeelTheBern. The republican controlled Senate and congress under Obama has accomplished NOTHING! If you are a republican, you can blame it all on Obama and his flock of loser goons! If you are a democrat, you can blame it on the loser republicans, who have had control of the entire Congress and done nothing but halt every step forward we have tried to take as a nation. I am to the point I no longer care for either party, so I am going to blame it on ALL of these BUMS we call our elected officials!  I don’t think I need to cite specific examples!(Just picture the last 8 years) Thanks a lot Obama! 😂😂😂 #BernTheSenate #Mcginty2016

If somehow the Democrats flip the Senate, Bernie Sanders will be in line to be the Chair, of either the Budget, Labor, Education, or the Health Committee! No one (including Hillary) wants Bernie Sanders in control of any of these committees!!! Not one!  Bernie Sanders, if given one of these platforms, will use the opportunity to do something that will actually make America Great Again.  I don’t care if Bernie wasn’t for you regardless of party or reasons. Bernie is a great man, with a great track record, and a long history of being “For the People”.  Both Trump, and Hillary often quote Bernie Sanders,  because he is that DUDE!!! He SPEAKS for US! Rep or Dem, If you don’t think Bernie Sanders will ACTUALLY reform and/or improve either Education, Environment, Banking/Budget, or Labor(unions,wages) if he is given the opportunity, than you are crazy, haven’t followed politics at all, and should look into my man Bernie Sanders.

The very thought of a possible senate shake up, is why Bernie endorsed Hillary. It is why she conceded to Bernie wishes and officially adopted a good deal of his ideas, on record on the democratic party’s official platform. She had to concede to some of Bernie’s demands, for his endorsement. She was caught RIGGING the democratic primary  system in coercion with the entire party itself, (all prior to the Democratic National convention), and she still managed to get the party’s nomination? Regardless she still wouldn’t  have any hope of defeating Trump without the help of Berners! Bernie’s following and revolution is one of the greatest movements we have seen in modern politics. His following is greater than that of either presidential candidate, but somehow he isn’t the candidate.

The system was rigged against Bernie Sanders in a massive party-wide conspiracy from the door. An Independent running for the Democratic nomination was a long shot, until Bernie started being heard and packing venues. It didn’t matter. The rigging for HRC succeeded, despite what the voting public had to say.

All of that being said, Bernie didn’t just bend over and take it in the rear. Oh no! Quite the contrary, he set himself up (If all goes well) to head one of the numerous important areas needing reform, that he based his entire campaign around. CHANGE! Change that even Hillary Clinton(The next president? crooked as hell, deletes emails, flip flops more than summer) had to agree upon for Bernie’s endorsement!!! He might have endorsed her, but this is a game of chess…not checkers! Bernie Sanders doesn’t trust Hillary as far as his old body can throw her. Hillary hates that Bernie has a massive, ENGAGED following, and that he is a senior senator who has alligned himself with her party. She hates that she had to exhaust so much effort to defeat Bernie. She needed those resources to defeat Trump because for the most part, she sucks! She can barely beat Trump, and he can’t even stay out of his own way. He defeats himself. [Insert foot in mouth here] isn’t a hard thing to beat. Hillary hates that Bernie Sanders is in line to change SOMETHING her crooked ass wants to exploit. Bernie will not let her rob us without accountability!!! He is going to bend her over in one of these areas, and do great things for America! Republicans do your part! Flip the House! One party has enjoyed massive control, funded by the Koch Brothers, that has crippled America in the sake of capitalism! It’s time to change the Senate up!!! They have not listened to America!!! Everyone should be able to agree on that! Change is Coming!! #FeelTheBern #BernTheSenate #Mcginty2016


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