Is Hillary worse than Trump?

(Warning: This might offend you, because people get offended when they can’t face the truth.)

Some of my friends have still yet to understand, how a liberal person such as myself has yet to endorse or say anything good about Hillary Clinton. Why the most politically engaged person they know, has yet to pick one of these two horses with dead legs to win this race? They don’t understand why I haven’t articulated the positives of Hillary compared to Mr Trump. They think Trump is dangerous for America. I agree with them, but I also think Hillary is as well. Just like the Trump supporters that they despise, Hillary supporters often overlook the glaring negatives, flaws, and mistakes surrounding her campaign. Does that sound familiar? Step back and take a closer look at Hillary with me. The closer you look at her character, history, and ideas, the more you begin to realize she is unfit to be president. She is in the same ballpark of unfit to be president, as the man who wants to, “Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” She is twice as SHADY as that loudmouth CEO who doesn’t pay taxes.



I would like to make a breakdown, analyzing Hillary and Trump, plan vs plan,and how each of their shitty plans will actually affect you personally, but you should be doing that yourself! For this election we need to look further than these candidates ideas and their plans. We need to look at the person themselves. America is in need a LEADER. A person of great character, but Hillary screwed us out of that option (Bernie Sanders) during the primaries. Can Hillary be a great leader? The answer is no!!! I have already addressed this before, but I will address it more intimately for clarification. I do not like Hillary Clinton!!!! She has NO character! I don’t like fake, shady people!!! To be fair I don’t like Donald Trump as a person or a presidential candidate either. Is Hillary worse than Trump? I have voiced my disgust for her in EVERY BLOG. She is completely for sale, corrupt and fake! Some say she is a criminal? Maybe four years from now there will be an HBO documentary that finally reveals the true extent of the situation surrounding her deleted emails. She was at very least extremely careless and negligent with classified, sensitive information while serving as Secretary of State. It doesn’t just end with deleted emails.

The corrupt manner in which she secured the Democratic Party’s nomination is extremely disappointing, all but forgotten and completely overlooked at this point. Even with ample evidence provided by WikiLeaks, there is no investigation. Forget the deleted emails! She fraudulently bypassed our democratic process to become the presidential candidate. She rigged the entire party against other candidates. That is the WORST crime a politician can commit in a democracy!!! How did she do it, and how did she get away with it? Promises, favors, $$$, voter fraud, election espionage, treason, manipulating and controlling the media to push her agenda? All of this has happened just in 2016. If you dig deeper into the potential criminal engagings of Hillary Clinton, you might perhaps end up at the Clinton Foundation.

Look at what the Clinton foundation actually does with its money (or doesn’t do) or even worse, who has donated large sums of money. Did they send relief money to Haiti, or did she just send her brother there to steal their gold? You could look at the generous donations she received from foreign leaders for arranging weapons deals while she was Secretary of State.  Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an analysis of State Department and Clinton foundation data. These are ACTUAL reasons she should be under criminal investigation and/or in prison. The sad thing is, those are just a few examples of possible criminal activities she has engaged in. The list of reasons not to trust Hillary Clinton is staggering

Hillary’s donor list is even more troubling.  She has been funded by Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Natural Gas, Media Giants, Foreign enemies and basically every corporation a politician shouldn’t take money from. What did she promise to deliver for the Billions of  dollars she has generated during this election? I think it is fair to say nothing that is going to benefit you or I. She has more red flags than China on flag day!

This blog would be too long if I listed all of the examples of her treachery. Endless amounts of shady Clinton connections that most of the Hillary hating- Fox News lovers don’t even know about. They spread simple talking points like wildfire, the same petty bullshit that Fox News pushes, and people run with it on social media, spouting erroneous facts and misconstrued views and they just look dumb.  You probably end up making more people vote for Trump. The proof is in the pudding. She is a criminal who will do or say anything to be president.  (Sorry Hillary Fans but it is true!)   I really think I despise her more than all of you! I see people supporting Hillary’s dumb memes. The same Fox News talking points I am referring to, explaining why Hillary is crooked. Deleted emails are only the tip of the iceberg. If people would just look deeper, they would see plenty of legitimate reasons to call her a criminal. That is why I wrote this blog!

Hillary supporters overlook it all, simply because they hate Trump. That should not grant her a get out jail free card. I want you ALL to question the leadership, and decisions of Hillary Clinton and all of our elected officials. That is too difficult for some of you. You would rather run with the storyline of a Hollywood movie as your facts against voting for Hillary and you look foolish.  That being said, even with her shadiness and lack of securing vital classified information that may have resulted in the deaths of four  American soldiers, I still feel she is SAFER for the military ( and for the sake of children enlisting, like my nephew who is soon joining the armed forces) than Donald J Trump.

I’m sorry Trump fans, but you will not like this part, but I have to be somewhat fair in this blog! Trump’s rhetoric towards Islam, and the placement of our military on the never ending task of securing oil, which the dollar is based upon is unnerving. With a military occupying areas in Middle Eastern countries, all of which are majority Muslim, the ideas Donald Trump has proposed could be disastrous for our military. Countries already upset with us for stealing their most valuable resource would further be enraged at us! We can’t elect a leader that hates large groups of people simply for who they pray to. That scares the shit out of me for the sake of American soldiers lives. Our troops don’t already have bullseyes on them? Our country’s leader cannot isolate entire groups of people because of their religion, ethnicity, crude stereotypes, or the actions of a few radicals. You conservatives that pretend to care about the troops who lost their lives in Benghazi (“because of Hillary’s emails”) apparently are willing to overlook what a Trump presidency would mean for our troops. Sadly you have not thought about the violence our troops would face abroad, simply for allowing a man that spews hatred, and dividing views about an entire group of people and their religion to be elected president. Even if Americans don’t care about the presidential election…. I assure you the rest of the world is watching this process like it is the Super Bowl! This election will sadly affect some  of their lives, more than it will us everyday regular Americans. The Bush/Cheney oil grab was a disaster for the people of Middle East, and a major source of the violence we now see abroad. Hate breeds more hate! Death and chaos caused by our never ending quest for oil, not the search for WMDs, has spurned more and more people to become radicalized extremists. These dangerous radicals are willing to die in the name of their religion. I hope some of you nutjobs actually think about the troops on Election Day! They are the ones who will be risking their lives, for whatever crap comes out of Mr. Trump’s mouth.

Sorry Trumpers,  but I had to get that out! The world is worried!  I am worried! Back to “Crooked Hillary”. If you know me at all, you know I care about the environment very much, it is my focal issue in politics outside of the for-profit healthcare they refuse to let us move away from, because at the end of the day it is our responsibility to understand the importance of nature, and why we must make laws to protect and preserve our most important resource…..AMERICA !!! Hillary does not understand this idea! I don’t believe one word of her fake environmental promises. She pretends to care about the environment, only when it is opportune! Trump doesn’t give a flying shit about the environment or renewable energies, and is very open about his stupid beliefs on this issue. Hillary isn’t!!! She says whatever people want to hear. I will always trust and respect an asshole, who is honest about their ideals and opinions… even if their they are terrible, more than I will a shady fucker like Hillary!

Hillary pretended to care about the environment during the primaries while running against Bernie Sanders. (Because he actually cares and was sticking it to her) She cheated  to win that battle against the only candidate I have ever fully believed in, and she was awarded the nomination. Then Hillary appoints the most pro-fracking, “I’m ok with ruining the environment for money” VP candidate available!!! Trump might very well be a corporate suit, cutthroat profit margin driven individual who hates clean energy and the environment and loves coal. He is a bigoted, hate mongerer, who speaks his stupid mind for publicity, like Kanye and the Kardashians, but at least you know where the Donald actually stands on things.

That being said, anyone who isn’t a corporate pig should be able to look at the situation at Standing Rock ND and just see it is plain wrong. This is the perfect opportunity for someone in our government to show LEADERSHIP. Even if Hillary doesn’t care about the environment, this is the perfect opportunity to fake it for publicity and pander to win some Bernie or Green party votes. She has nothing to say? This fight for clean water and native land has been going on since April!!! No leadership or intervention from anyone? Obama, Hillary, Trump, or anyone who can actually stop this desecration of land and water with their position have all done diddly squat.  Clean drinking water and Native American land doesn’t help fund  their campaigns or agendas. Ive been told human character can be measured by whether one does the right things when no one is looking and they stand to gain nothing. This is a perfect opportunity for Hillary or Trump to show the character of a leader, but sadly this issue doesn’t matter to either of them. With plenty to gain and an opportunity to have everyone watch them as they do the right thing at a crucial time in this election, they are silent. With crucial votes to gain……it is Crickets. That speaks volumes for the character of our so called future potential leaders! What happens when it’s in your backyard? Are they going to listen to you?  People call me crazy for caring about the environment, but the day will come, where it affects you directly, no matter how much you think it never will. Ask the Susquehanna river! Neither of these candidates should be president. Is Hillary worse than Trump? I am not sure either is better than the other? I think they both SUCK! What do you think?


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